Post Election Statement

Nov 9, 2022

Dear friends and supporters,

2022 will go down as one of the most rewarding of my life.

Starting in January when I donated a kidney, to finding a church I knew I could call home, and through to this morning with the ending of a campaign for State House: I sit here a better, richer human being.

I know that you had placed your hopes in this campaign and are disappointed in the results. But I also know you are proud of the way we stood up for ourselves against incredible odds. With your help, we brought to light the serious issues that plague our state. We exposed how current leadership has been too focused on distractive nonsense.

But until many more start to believe that we, as South Carolinians, do not deserve to be at the bottom of state rankings in education, poverty, healthcare, and violent crime then we will not be done with our job. The truth is, we’re still in an environment where my opponent can send out a mailer stating that I am for pornography in children’s libraries and the majority of the voters don’t bat an eye.

I don’t accept that state of affairs and am not going anywhere. I will continue to be a voice for you and try new techniques, pursue different strategies, and work just as hard for our families and our future. I will be watchful of what is happening in Columbia and make sure you are aware of the decisions that will impact you.

Thank you for everything you’ve done. I am open to any and all feedback about how things could or should be done differently next time around, whether it’s I or someone else running for this seat in 2024. We must keep trying. Giving up is not an option.

A large portion of our great nation issued a large rebuke to the hate politics we’ve seen dominating the news and that puts a great smile on my face today. Change is possible!

Today, I believe more strongly than ever that:

Please allow me to tell you a bit about myself!

After earning a BA in Physics and Mathematics from Drew University, and an MS in Physics and Masters of Arts in Teaching from Binghamton University, I taught college and high school Physics.

I then entered into a 20-year career in technology with a family-owned food distribution company. During that time, the business grew nationwide and I worked up the ranks eventually becoming CIO of a $4 billion enterprise.

After relocating to Greenwood, SC, I worked as a software product manager for a global company and became heavily involved in the community. I’ve volunteered for the Bowers-Rodgers Children’s Home, am a subcommittee chair of the Greenwood Counts Community Consortium, and in 2020 was elected Chair of the Greenwood County Democratic Party.

My wife Carla and I have made a permanent home in Greenwood. I’m proud of my two grown children, a daughter who is a nurse and a son who is in cybersecurity, and love my two stepdaughters dearly. I’ve also fallen in love with the people of Greenwood and Laurens counties, our rich history, our diversity in culture and ideas, and our love for our country.

I commit to being a deliberative, thoughtful, evidence-based representative in the SC State House for EVERYONE in District 13!

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A Sound Stance on the Issues

Before forming an opinion, I research and base my opinion on a solid foundation of facts.
I encourage you to dive deeper and see why I’ve taken the positions I have.